# 4 – Amit Mehta (Founder, Unived) on Nutrition, Hydration and Supplements Copy

Amit explains the importance of focusing on your whole kinetic chain while running and exercising and explains the importance of strength training and how to mix it in with your training. We discuss the concept of energy availability and then move on to supplementation and discuss the importance of certain vitamins like B12, D3 and how caffeine can be used to enhance performance. We also talk about when to use Energy Gels and when to use real foods. We then discuss certain specific areas women athletes need to focus on. Finally Amit talks about the importance of understanding  what you do through the day after your run or exercise is vitally important for your development.

Show Notes

2:00 – Introduction by Amit about Unived and himself
4:35 – Importance of focus on whole kinetic chain for runners
7:35 – How to balance Strength Training and Run Training
9:35 – Importance of ‘energy availability’ for athletes
13:45 – What are the key aspects that older athletes need to focus on
16:40 – Protein supplementation
20:15 – Hydration and electrolytes
28:00 – Importance of B-12 and D3 supplements and using caffeine
31:15 – When to use Gels, and when to use real foods
34:25 – How to determine how much salt/sodium you need 
36:45 – Key focus areas for Women runners and athletes
39:45 – Importance of rest and recovery for maximum benefits from training
42:45 – Quiz Time!
46:20 – Book Resources that Amit uses 

Links to Resources Discussed

Matt Fitzgerald: 80/20 Running

Alex Hutchison: Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance 

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