# 3 – Luke Humphrey, coach and 2:14 marathoner, discusses various aspects of Hanson’s Marathon Method

World class coach and elite runner Luke Humphrey discusses his marathon training philosophy which has helped tens of thousands of runners achieve their personal best. He discusses cumulative fatigue; how the long run of 16 miles fits within the overall structure; why running long runs more than 3 hours is often detrimental to the athlete; the importance of mentally training to deal with the discomfort of a marathon race and how to fit in strength training and drills. 

Show Notes

00:20 – Introduction to Luke
2:00 – Luke talks about his running and coaching background
4:45 – Principles of Hanson’s Marathon Method; the concept of “cumulative fatigue”; importance of running each training run at the right pace
9:25 – Luke explains why the longest run in his training plan is 16 miles and how that fits into the overall structure of the plan
13:20 – Luke discusses why long runs more than 3 hours is not required and the increased risk of potential injury and not having enough recovery time for runs longer than 3 hours
17:25 – Workouts that help assess your race readiness, which are  the “ladder” speed workout and the 10 mile marathon pace tempo runs
20:40 – The importance of training yourself mentally to accept discomfort during training runs and avoiding negative self-talk 
24:25 – Key aspects of strength training
29:15 – Importance of running drills and how to incorporate them in your training
32:10 – Luke recommends the book “Roar” by Dr. Stacy Sims for Women Athletes and highlights the importance of Leucine protein for women athletes
33:45 – Quiz Time!
38:10 – Luke gives his recommendations on books, YouTube channels and podcasts, and talks about the resources he provides via his website, podcasts, blogs and Facebook group

Resources discussed

“Hanson’s Marathon Method” by Luke Humphrey
“Roar” by Stacy Sims 
“The Champion Mindset: An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness” by Joanna Zeiger
“Endure” by Alex Hutchison
“Running Rewired” by Jay Dicharry

Pogo Physio YouTube Channel by Brad Beer

“Final Surge” Podcast

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