# 8 – Part II with Matt Fitzgerald. Matt talks about the 80/20 training principle, measurement of intensity, rate of perceived exertion and intensity distribution

Episode Summary

Matt talks about the 80/20 training principle, what yardsticks to use to measure intensity, importance of rate of perceived exertion and how to distribute intensity

Show Notes

00:00 – Principle of 80/20 training and the basis behind it
4:30  – On what do you apply intensity percentages? Is it time or by # of sessions or distance 
5:30 –  Best parameter to measure intensity distribution – is it heart rate or power or pace or rate of perceived exertion
7:20 – How to calculate intensity threshold – %age of max heart rate or pace or power
8:55 – How to distribute intensity within the 20%
11:40 – Importance of developing a good rate of perceived exertion
13:45 – Quiz Time!
16:00 – Matt’s recommendations on various resources

Resources Discussed

Matt Fitzgerald’s Books

Running the Dream (Amazon Link)
The Endurance Diet (Amazon Link)
80/20 Running (Amazon Link)
80/20 Triathlon (Amazon Link)
Final Surge Podcast Interview with Matt – https://blog.finalsurge.com/podcast-60-matt-fitzgerald-ben-rosario/
Dr. Stephen Seiler’s YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN9PseDJNLmLgBuHrQ5quPA
Alex Hutchinson’s column on Outside Magazine – https://www.outsideonline.com/1745511/alex-hutchinson

Matt’s website

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