# 7 – Part I with Matt Fitzgerald. Matt talks about the 5 key diet principles, Diet Quality Score App, Supplements and recent developments on diet

Matt talks about the 5 key diet principles from his study of elite endurance athletes, the Diet Quality Score App, Supplements, recent developments on diet and his latest book, “Running the Dream”

Show Notes

1:40 – Thinking and research behind looking at the diet of endurance athletes from multiple sports and then establishing the 5 key principles
4:40  – Why principles of diet that work for elites should works for everyday people
7:05 – 1st diet principle – “Eat Everything” – elites eat very inclusively to include all categories of food; in fact, they seek out and ensure they are not missing any category; you get the best nutrient mix this way
9:30 – 2nd diet principle – “Eat Quality” – eat high quality food which gives the best balance of nutrients
11:15 – “Diet Quality Score” App (DQS). This is an app to score your daily diet based on food categories
13:05 – 3rd diet principle – “Eat carb-centered”. Elites’ diet is centered around good quality carbs to ensure adequate energy availability
15:30 – 4th diet principle – “Eat Enough”. Ensure you get adequate energy to support your physical activities
17:45 – 5th diet principle – “Eat Individually”. The first four principles are universal, and within that, depending on individual preferences, culture, values, there is a lot of room to choose your diet.
20:30 – The classification of food groups into 10 categories from the highest to the lowest
24:05 – Supplements – Iron (if deficient); Vitamin D are important for overall health. Beet root is helpful for endurance performance.
28:35 – Updates after the publication of “Endurance Diet” book
32:00 – Matt talks about his latest book “Running the Dream”. The book is about his training with elites during the summer of 2017 at Flagstaff, Arizona, culminating with the race at Chicago Marathon 2017

Resources Discussed

Matt Fitzgerald’s Books

Running the Dream (Amazon Link)
The Endurance Diet (Amazon Link)
80/20 Running (Amazon Link)
Diet Quality Score App 
Final Surge Podcast Interview with Matt – https://blog.finalsurge.com/podcast-60-matt-fitzgerald-ben-rosario/
Matt’s website

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