# 64 – Dr.Martin Ian Jones on elevating human performance

Dr.Martin Ian Jones on elevating human performance

Show Notes

01:00 – Dr. Jones introduces himself

03:35 – Foundational principles of elevating performance

05:45 – Importance of sleep in elevating performance

09:25 – Psychology of elevating performance

15:00 – Practicing skills like self-talk

18:00 – Focusing on developing your cognitive skills

26:00 – Transferability of cognitive skills across different aspects of life

28:45 – Example of developing cognitive skills in a half-marathon setting

31:20 – Importance of having a strong motivation (“the why”) for training

38:25 – Techniques to stay committed to your goal

43:45 – Recommendations of resources

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Website: https://duratusuk.com/home

Instagram: @ophumanperformance

Recommendations on Resources

Goal Setting Course by Dr. Martin I. Jones: https://duratus-uk.teachable.com/courses

Podcast: “The Duratus Mind Podcast”  by Garry Banford


Endure by Alex Hutchinson – Amazon Link

The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday – Amazon Link

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson – Amazon Link

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