# 21 – Combining Ayurveda and ancient practices with modern science for high-performance, health and happiness – with Mark Bunn, top athlete and bestselling author

Mark Bunn, AFL Player, author, speaker and podcaster has combined Ayurveda and ancient practices with modern science for three decades for high-performance, health and happiness

Show Notes

02:30 – Introduction to Mark

05:10 – Mark’s initial days of introducing ayurvedic and ancient techniques to training

06:50 – Mark’s transition to writing, speaking and podcasting

08:35 – Concept of “Live in tune with nature’s daily cycles”

11:30 –  Daily 4 hour cycles

15:00 –  Importance of correctly timing meals

17:10 – Mid-afternoon energy slump and how to address it

20:50 – How to exercise to “unite mind, body and spirit”

31:15 – Concept of “Enliven Inner Silence”

34:35 – Ways to Enliven Inner Silence

39:45 – How to start Transcendental Meditation

41:10 – Quiz Time!

45:25 – Recommendations on other resources

47:30 – Mark shares a joke!

Resources by Mark


Book – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health (Amazon Link)

Connect with Mark

Twitter: @markbunnhealth

Instagram: #markbunnhealth

Other Recommendations

Transcendental meditation – tm.org

Book on Transcendental meditation: Strength in Stillness by Bob Roth

Ayurvedic resources – https://www.mapi.com

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