# 20 – Part II with Alex Hutchinson, world-famous author. How to reduce the perception of effort, approaches to hydration and insights from the ‘Breaking-2 hour barrier in marathon’ project

Episode Summary
Alex discusses the various approaches to hydration, perception of effort and how to reduce it, insights from Nike’s “Breaking-2” project, Vapor Fly shoes and the likely timeframe for sub-2 marathon in a race

Show Notes

02:10 – Approaches to hydration
13:20 – Perception of effort and how to reduce it
23:50 – Insights from “Breaking-2” project and Vaporfly shoes
34:30 – Alex’s view on when sub-2 marathon will be run in a race
38:05 – Quiz Time!
43:00 – Alex’s recommendations on books, websites and other resources

Resources by Alex

Website – https://alexhutchinson.net
Book – Endure:Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance (Amazon Link)
Sweat Science column – https://www.outsideonline.com/1745511/alex-hutchinson

Contact Alex

Twitter: @sweatsciene

Books and other Recommendations
The Sports Gene by David Epstein (Amazon Link)
Range by David Epstein (Amazon Link)
Good to Go by Christie Aschwandan (Amazon Link)
Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness (Amazon Link)
The Passion Paradox by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness (Amazon Link)
The Four-Minute Mile by Roger Bannister (Amazon Link)

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