# 2 – Sharda & Mahesh (Founders of Sepalika), on foundational aspects of body, nasal breathing, right food choices and supplementation

Sharda Agarwal and Mahesh Jayaraman are the founders of “Sepalika”, a leading online healthcare platform. In this episode, Sharda and Mahesh share high quality and practical advice on foundational principles of body; discuss why nasal breathing is better during exercise; give nutrition and hydration principles anyone can follow; discuss what food and health supplements work; highlight certain specific aspects that women endurance athletes need to be aware of and share some of the experts they follow, podcasts they listen to and book recommendations.

Show Notes

1:20 – Sharda introduces “Sepalika” and functional medicine
3:45 – Mahesh talks about how he helped Sharda with a chronic migraine, and how that association led to them forming Sepalika
6:25 – Foundational aspects of body – digestion; blood sugar regulation; metabolic flexibility; importance of right type/amount of fat in diet and right type of hydration 
15:50 – Advantages of nasal breathing during exercise
25:15 – Basic principles of nutrition to follow; how to balance carbs, proteins and fats in your diet; how to hydrate correctly with right amount of electrolytes; what to look for in protein supplements
35:25 – Supplements that work for athletes like Ashwagantha and Magnesium
41:05 – Specific guidance to women athletes 
47:00 – Quiz Time!
50:00 – Resources that Sharda and Mahesh use like books, podcasts and other materials 

Links to Resources Discussed
Dr. Mark Hyman – https://drhyman.com/
Mark Sisson – https://www.marksdailyapple.com/
Eckhart Tolle – https://eckharttolle.com
Thich Naht Hahn – https://plumvillage.org
Dr. John Douillard – https://lifespa.com
Dr. Peter Attia – https://peterattiamd.com
Dave Asprey – “Bulletproof Radio” podcast – https://blog.daveasprey.com/category/podcasts/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sepalikahealth/

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