# 18 – Andy Blow, world-class expert on nutrition and hydration, on sodium’s importance, cramping and correctly planning hydration, electrolytes and calories

Andy discussed the vital importance of sodium in endurance performance; determining sodium needs thru’ a sweat test; cramping and planning for calories, fluids and electrolytes independently

Show Notes

00:50 – Details to free one-on-one consultation with Precision Hydration and product discount (Free consultation)
03:15 – Andy introduces himself
04:20 – Importance of sodium in endurance performance
05:55 – How to do a sweat test (Precision Hydration Sweat Test)
08:05 – Average sweat sodium concentration
11:05 – Concept of hyponatremia
14:45 – How to replace sodium and other electrolytes
19:40 – Using table (common) salt for sodium replacement
23:00 – Planning for calories, fluids and salts independently 
26:15 – Hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic drinks
31:15 – Cramping – potential causes and precautions
38:00 – Electrolyte loading strategy for hard workouts and races
39:40 – Drinking to thirst 
41:50 – New areas like wearable technology
44:25 – Quiz Time!
48:10 – Recommendations on resources like books, websites, YouTube channels and podcasts

Precision Hydration Resources
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Precision Hydration Sweat Test
How to measure your sweat rate
How to tell if you’re a salty sweater
How to start hydrated and why that’s so important
What is hyponatremia and how can you avoid it?
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Endure by Alex Hutchinson (Amazon Link)
KoopCast (https://www.buzzsprout.com/765419)

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