# 17 – S.Ramakrishnan (Ramky), founder of Sportsmechanics, explains sports analytics, its applications, how to use it and promising new areas in sports analytics

S.Ramakrishnan (Ramky), founder of Sportsmechanics,  explains sports analytics, its applications, how to use it and promising new areas in sports analytics

Show Notes

01:00 – Ramky introduces himself and how he got into sports analytics
03:05 – Concept of sports analytics
04:50 – Competitive analysis and end-game analytics
06:30 – Applicability of sports analytics in multiple sports and importance of athletes executing the plans
07:40 – What contributes to a good sports analytics team
08:55 – How recreational athletes can use sports analytics
10:00 – Ramky talks about his plans for using analytics for recreational athletes and importance of good data
11:55 – Example where analytics helped a potential Olympic high jumper
12:50 – Importance of simplifying the analytics output for athletes
14:45 – Capturing subjective data like how a work out felt; mood; soreness
17:10 – Does analytics make sports too predictable and takes away natural skill?
21:25 – New areas for analytics and Sportsmechanics – “Drona” coaching platform
23:15 – Quiz Time!
25:50 – Ramky’s recommendations of books, websites/blogs and other resources

Contact Ramky and Sportsmechanics

Website: sportsmechanics.in
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ramky65
Ramky’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramky65/

Book and other Recommendations

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (Amazon Link)
The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle (Amazon Link)
Halo Sport 2 Headphone – https://www.haloneuro.com

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