#13 – Dr.Swapnil Mate, renowned Physiotherapist talks about injury prevention, common injuries, stretching protocols and recovery methods

Dr.Swapnil Mate, renowned Physiotherapist talks about the need for regular physical evaluation, common athletic and running injuries, their prevention and recovery protocols, factors to consider in a running shoe, importance of dynamic stretching and proprioception exercises

Show Notes

01:25 – Swapnil introduces himself and how he got into exercise physiotherapy 
02:35  – Common types of athletic and running injuries
04:55 – Importance of “physical evaluation” for any athlete 
08:15 – Injury prevention
11:45 –  Factors to consider in a running shoe
18:50 – Importance of dynamic stretching for pre and post activity
24:55 – Balancing rotational, lateral movements and importance of weight training
28:05 – Training gluteus medius muscles
31:10 – Proprioception exercises
32:30 – Recovery tools – massage, icing, Epsom salt bath, stretching, recovery drink, dry needling and rolling
36:55 – “POLICE” – the protocol to follow in case of injuries – Protect, Optimum Loading, Icing, Compression and Elevation 
44:25 – Quiz Time!
47:00 – Swapnil’s recommendations of other resources like books, YouTube channels

Contact Swapnil
Email: Swapnil.physio@gmail.com

Dr.Mate’s blog post on this podcast – Dr. Mate’s blog
Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers (Amazon Link)
Clinical Sports Medicine by Karim Khan (Amazon Link)

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