# 11 – Roopali Mehta, Nutritionist & 3:23 marathoner, discusses nutrition principles to help you become a better athlete

Roopali talks about the most important nutrition principle and then discusses 10 key diet principles. How vegetarians can get adequate protein thru’ diet and views on intermittent fasting and diets like keto and paleo.

Show Notes01:15 – Roopali talks about how she got into nutrition
06:20  – Key running experiences and lessons
10:30 – The importance of nutrition for any athlete
13:30 – The most important nutrition principle: “maintain alkaline nature of body”
16:50 –  10 key diet principles: Nutrition should support the focus and phase of training; wholesome diet; balance calories v/s nutrients; proper hydration; adequate protein; good fats; varied fruits & vegetables; avoid junk food; keep gut healthy and sleep
22:10 – How vegetarians can get adequate protein thru’ diet
29:10 – Views on intermittent fasting and keto, paleo diets
38:25 – Quiz Time!
41:30 – Roopali’s recommendations on books and other resources

Contact RoopaliEmail: rupalinutri74@gmail.com
Phone: +91 98201 92593

Foods that are Killing You by M.K.Gupta (Amazon Link)
Dr. Jason Fung (https://www.dietdoctor.com/authors/dr-jason-fung-m-d)
Luke Coutinho (https://www.lukecoutinho.com)

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