# 10 – Coach Mikael Eriksson, on how to start and progress in Triathlon: Beginner tips, key pitfalls to avoid, gear and performance improvement

Half Ironman World Championship Qualifier and Coach, Mikael Eriksson, talks about how to get into and train for Triathlon: Beginner tips, basic coaching principles, key pitfalls to avoid, gear and performance improvement.

Show Notes

01:00 – Mikael introduces himself, his athletic background and coaching
03:05  – Getting started in triathlon
06:30 – Different triathlon distances and appropriate distance to start with
08:40 – Basic training principles for a beginner triathlete
10:30 – How to distribute training time between running, cycling and swimming
14:40 – Using variations in training like intervals and how to structure them
18:40  – Time period to get to your first triathlon
20:15 – How to fit in strength training
24:00 – Tips on open water swimming
27:15 – What type of gear to get
31:25 – Improving your triathlon performance
33:50 – Quiz Time!
36:15 – Mikael’s recommendations of his resources, YouTube Channels and Books
Contact Mikael
Website: scientifictriathlon.com
Email: mikael@scientifictriathlon.com
“That Triathlon Show” Podcast – https://scientifictriathlon.com/podcast/
Beginner Triathlon Tips from “That Triathlon Show” Podcast – https://scientifictriathlon.com/beginner-tips/
Global Triathlon Network YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/globaltrinetwork
Swim Smooth by Paul Newsome (Amazon Link)
Life Without Limits by Chrissie Wellington (Amazon Link)
Swim, Bike, Run by Alistair & Jonathan Brownlee (Amazon Link)
I am Here to Win by Chris McCormack (Amazon Link)

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